Live healthy life with iherb natural and health products


If you are searching for incredible herbal nutritional and healthy products, take a look at iHerb that offer variety of herbal products. iHerb is a well known online store of natural organic products. You will get more than 35k herbal or nutritional products that fall into the fitness category; you will also get deals on iHerb offers. If you are a customer for the first time, you can get $ 5 to $ 10 off your purchases. People concerned about their health will find here vitamin medicinal plants, and mineral complexes, probiotics, coenzymes. It is important that the client can order herbs and medicinal teas that do not grow in their country.

Products And Services Sold In Iherb

At iHerb, you can buy according to the supplements, herbs or products you want to buy or you can buy according to the brands. Choose a free coupon online and look for supplements of all kinds such as multiminerals, probiotics, multivitamins, bone formulas, coconut oil, and antioxidants. The list of herbs provided is also very extensive, since you can get maca, ginger, Gaia herbs, holy basil, dandelion, echinacea and many others. See for yourself the magic of curcumin and elderberry or try garlic and flower remedies.

Iherb Advantages

There are several reasons why it is worth buying in this online store:

         Prices are 30 to 40% lower than other health food stores. This is possible because iHerb products are delivered directly from the producer to the customer, which reduces additional costs.

         Fresh supplements and vitamins are guaranteed. Due to high demand, our products do not remain in stock for a long time, so iHerb customers only receive fresh products. In addition to the employees of this company, carefully check the expiration dates of each product. All products are stored in perfectly clean storage areas equipped with air conditioning.

         Possibility of free delivery. The customer can get a shipping discount from iHerb or get it for free by buying a certain amount and applying the iHerb code.

         Only environmentally clean medicines. iHerb offers a variety of organic products that have certificates and all confirmation documentation. None of the products in the store have been tested on animals.

         24-hour customer service is ready to answer all customer questions regarding products, orders, deliveries, payments and returns.

         Confidentiality of customer data. iHerb never transmits customer data or order information to third parties. The 256-bit encryption system protects the customer`s credit card information.

         An effective 4-level sponsorship program saves on orders and also helps references reduce the price of their orders. Customers must apply the iHerb code to returning customers to take advantage of this opportunity

Iherb Loyalty Credit

You can find the sum of the loyalty credits at your disposal. Loyalty credit is equivalent to 5 percent of the price of your purchase, excluding shipping costs. Loyalty credit from iHerb is not difficult to use and is used automatically. As soon as you create an account, you get a referral code that people can use to save $ 10 on their first order, which also gives you a small amount of reward credit (depending on the amount of the order people when they use your code offer). Please note that you cannot combine the completely free Product Credit of $ 5 with the Reference Credit of $ 5, as it is exactly the same offer.

Buy More To Save More

You can get special discounts from iHerb simply by buying multiples of certain items. Look for discounts between 5 and 10% depending on the product and the details of the transaction.

Rewards Sponsorship Program

You can earn reward points by recommending friends to the store. If your friend has never shopped before, you will receive a 10% discount code to get started. As soon as your friend makes a purchase, the store will give you a store credit worth 10% of your friend`s total. Obtain 5% of your arbitrator`s purchase through store credit if you activate an existing customer to something with a product reference.