Privacy & Policy

It is important that you understand exactly how works and how it relates to your privacy. We strive to build relationships with advertising and compliance partners that create and respect your privacy. Our Privacy Policy applicable to, this privacy policy explains in detail how the personal information of the user will be collected, as well as how it will be used on this website and in the browser extensions.

Personal User Information (PUI)

The most important thing for is to protect the privacy of our users. In our commitment to do so, we do not require users to provide personal information about the user to use this website. However, at the same time, any visitor who wishes to benefit from our special offers can request their email address. Along with this, they can also be asked to share as much information as they would be willing to provide: name, gender, age, email and personal interests. Blogs

You can publicly access blogs or community forums where we have shared our blogs and information. We also wish to inform you that any information provided by you in these areas can be read, collected and used by others who will have access to it.

Browser Extensions

There are browser extensions that run on that work automatically so that certain information is collected for this website to function properly and without any problem. This allows us to understand the devices and browsers to which we have access. Information collected in this way may include used devices, IP addresses, operating systems, browsers, error logs and similar information. This allows us to track the use that ultimately leads to improve your experience.

Links To Third Party Websites

Links posted from to a third-party website are not under our control. All personal data shared by the user with the third party will be responsible. will not be one of the problems that may arise.

If you click on offers or our blogs links that end on third-party commercial pages, we are not responsible for the personal information of the user that is shared from there. We want you to be careful and verify your privacy policy before making any acceptance or continuing with a purchase.

Manage Email Subscriptions

All your email subscriptions from your account are managed from your page. You have full control to subscribe to your email and manage the categories we have. You can also unsubscribe from any type of communication with a single click.


We use the industry standards generally used for the protection of the user's personal information. We use the information presented on this site by the user. We cover this protection during the exchange of information and after the final shipment. You should know in advance that, regardless of the measures we take from us, any information shared online through the Internet by any other means of electronic storage is completely secure. We do not guarantee 100% security of the data shared with us. Therefore, we make every effort to provide you with the maximum generally accepted security, but assumes no responsibility.


We may place "cookies" in your browser or on your mobile device to track and collect data about your use of our site, extension and services. Cookies are small text files that our site and extension transfer to you and allow us to recognize and obtain data such as how, when and how long you browse the pages of our site or how you interact with our extension and its different characteristics